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Backlighted Annunciators


Typical Part Number:

Backlighted pricing includes two (2) incandescent 24 volt bulbs per point and a translucent mylar grid. Photographic legends can be supplied by Kirkland or placed on a blank mylar grid by the customer. Replacement mylars with photographic grids and legends are available. Records of completed orders are kept on file for future legend additions. Two parallel standard bulbs per point draw 80 mA total @ 24VDC.

Other Information Required

  • Backbox Mounting

    Surface or Semi-flush mount

  • Wiring:

    Hardwired – Please provide voltage and feed.
    Drivers – Please provide model number of FACP and driver model number

  • Options:

    Lamptest – Pushbutton or Key Switch
    Common Trouble – Trouble circuit to include LED, buzzer, and silence switch.
    Audible Alert – Buzzer circuit to operate from alarm inputs with common
    silence switch.
    Please advise if:
    • Software Driven
    • Hardwired
    • Hardwired with subsequent alert
    Miscellaneous Switches - Switches for customers use.  Explain or provide schematic.
    Stainless Steel Doors
    Power on LED