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Firefighters' Smoke Control Station (UUKL)

RSE-GR-GP4-FSCSRSE-GR-GP4-FSCS RSE-GR-GP4-FSCSCustom RSF-GR-GP4-FSCS (mechanical test switches only accessible by opening door to panel) RSF-GR-GP4-FSCSRSF-GR-GP4-FSCS


The Firefighters Smoke Control (FSCS) panel allows a fireman to control the flow of air in a building, in a fire situation. The Smoke Control panel can have switches for the various fans and dampers within a building. It is most commonly used in high rise buildings. Accompanying the switches, there are normally status Leds, which show the position of the damper or fan switch. The Smoke Control display is most often seen depicted as a riser, showing the building levels and stairwells. The design of the FSCS is normally driven by code and/or the AHJ.

Kirkland specializes in Fire Alarm Graphic Design, having an exceptional drafting department, and Graphic Display methods, that allow for a clear, concise illustration of the layout, including using full color graphics. Using full color graphics assists the fireman in identifying the flow of air, showing the exhaust flow line in red, and pressurization/supply in green. There is no additional charge for colors utilized in the display, with unlimited colors to choose from.

Kirkland offers a wide range of large enclosures, which accommodate the normally large size of the FSCS panels. Our largest standard UUKL panel is 79.5”w x 40.5”!

Features of Kirkland Smoke Control Panels (FSCS) :

  • Enclosures are constructed of cold rolled steel with fully welded and grounded seams and painted with a black powder textured coat for a truly finished appearance.
  • Full color graphics at no additional charge.
  • A variety of display materials are available. Standard is UL94VO flame retardant grade lexan, laminated to CNC punched aluminum. Anodized aluminum and stainless steel displays are also available. A dry erase coating can be applied to the display face, when required.
  • The best delivery of finished product in the business…guaranteed!
  • Can be wired directly to fire alarm lamp driver modules or hardwired to terminals.
  • UUKL and CSFM listed.