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Graphic Annunciators

RSC-GP4-Fike-smallRSC-GR-GP4 Graphic AnnunciatorRSF-L-GP3 with Stainless Steel Door Option RSD-GR-GP3 Colored ZonesRSD-GR-GP3 RSE-GP3-DFRSE-GR-GP3 with backlighted symbols Backlighted symbols (Place cursor over image to view) Graphic Annunciator with LCDGraphic Annunciator with LCD


A Graphic Annunciator is a piece of Fire Alarm Equipment , which shows the Fire Alarm device location, within the floor layout. It provides the fireman with quick information, as the Graphic Annunciator illustrates the exact location of the alarm, thereby, increasing the Fireman’s response time. With the Graphic Annunciator, the Fireman does not have to scroll through touchscreens, to find the device that has gone into alarm.

The Graphic Annunciator design can vary according to code, the AHJ, and/or the owner of the facility. In some cases, all devices are shown with LEDs, and in other cases, the floorplan will be divided into zones, with a zone LED, and corresponding device type LEDs.

Kirkland specializes in Fire Alarm Graphic Design, having an exceptional drafting department, and Graphic Display methods, that allow for a clear, concise illustration of the layout, including using full color graphics. There is no additional charge for colors utilized in the display, with unlimited colors to choose from. Our product design provides an easy and inexpensive method to modify when changes are required in the future. With our unique manufacturing and printing process, a Kirkland Graphic Annunciator can range from a simple Matrix (Ladder) type display to full color high resolution digitally printed display never before seen in the industry. The Kirkland Graphic Annunciator is available in a number of standard sizes, but larger panels are our specialty. We can provide full color graphics, and can incorporate photographs/rendered images, logos etc..

Features Of Kirkland Graphic Annunciators:

  • Enclosures are constructed of cold rolled steel with fully welded and grounded seams and painted with a black powder textured coat for a truly finished appearance.
  • A variety of display materials are available. Standard is UL94VO flame retardant grade lexan, but anodized aluminum and stainless steel also available.
  • Full color graphics at no additional charge.
  • The best delivery of finished product in the business…guaranteed!
  • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Please visit the Exterior Annunciator section if your application requires mounting it in an outdoor setting.
  • Can be wired directly to fire alarm lamp driver modules or hardwired to terminals.
  • UL and CSFM listed.
  • OSHPD Special Certification No# OSP-0139-10 (RSE-GR-GP4, RSE-L-GR-GP4, RSF-GR-GP4, RSF-L-GR-GP4, RSG-GR-GP4, RSG-L-GR-GP4)

Kirkland panels are now qualified by the ICC Evaluation Service to ACC156 criteria!